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Right Food for the Season - Late Fall
Written by Jane Ward   
I love receiving homemade holiday gifts, and I operate under the assumption that others do too.  Because I’m not in the least artistic, or even crafty, if one of my packages has your name on it, you can bet it won’t be filled with hand block-printed stationery or custom embroidered hankies.  I can bake, though, and I do.

Every year, starting right before Thanksgiving, I begin baking for my holiday gift giving.  Cookies, candies, yeast coffeecakes, fruit studded loaves of pan dolce – dozen after dozen of these treats are mixed, baked, and then frozen, ready for the moment when I assemble presents for my closest friends, or for when I need a last minute hostess or teacher gift.  The roster of baked goods varies little from year to year; after all these years of baking and giving, recipients have their favorites and expectations must be met.
Cape Ann Brewing: Imperial Pumpkin Ale Print
Features - Local Libations
Written by Michelle Collins   

Rich chocolate, espresso, nutmeg and pumpkin spice – all wrapped up in an ice cold brew. This is what fall should taste like. 


Cape Ann Brewing Company is a family-owned microbrewery located in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Their beers possess bold flavors and characters that are meant to resemble the courage of the sailors of the North Atlantic fishing fleet. Despite the impressive list of brews Cape Ann produces year-round, the brewery also makes their own pumpkin stout this time of year – along with an imperial version for the true stout fans.

Smoky Whipped Rutabaga Print
Right Food for the Season - Late Winter
Written by Colleen McConnell   

March in New England is kind of an awkward month. Access to local spring produce feels right around the corner, but there are still a few weeks to wait. So, this time of year, I try to embrace the season as much as possible and get extra creative with winter’s root vegetables. 

Rutabaga is an often overlooked vegetable. Starchy like a potato, but with an earthy and lightly sweet flavor, it’s a fun vegetable to incorporate into meals. 


I was recently looking for some new rutabaga ideas and stumbled across a recipe for smoky, whipped rutabaga flavored with smoked paprika and garlic. A combination of butter, olive oil, and cream cheese added even more flavor and gave the dish a luxurious, creamy texture. While the recipe was delicious as written, I thought I could simplify things and let the rutabaga shine a little more. 

Mexican Hot Chocolate Print
Features - The Craft of Cooking
Written by Liz Lamson   

Hatchland Farm is a dairy farm based out of North Haverhill, New Hampshire. I came across their milk during one of my recent trips to Tendercrop Farm in Newbury, Mass. and was excited to bring home a bottle. I have a bit of a guilty pleasure when it comes to farm fresh milk. There is just something so wholesome about enjoying a glass of milk that you know has come from a town or two over rather than being mass-produced on some huge farm in the Midwest. 

One of my favorite things about this milk is that Hatchland does not use any artificial hormones in their cows. This is a common practice on mass-producing farms to increase their cow’s milk output. Hatchland Farm is a smaller-scale operation, with about 500 cows that are fed homegrown feed consisting of alphalfa haylage, grass haylage, dry hay and corn silage. According to their website, "A comfortable home, healthy food for the cows and proper milking procedures are the first steps in the production of high quality and great tasting milk."
In Honor of Strawberries Print
Right Food for the Season - Early Summer
Written by Michelle Lahey   

Strawberries. They’re juicy, sweet, and unbelievably addictive this time of year. That’s why Massachusetts devotes an entire month to celebrating them. 

Strawberry Shortcake

From June 7th through July 7th, the Mass Farmers Markets is celebrating its 6th Annual Strawberry Dessert Festival. Throughout the month, a slew of restaurants in the state will be serving inventive strawberry desserts and donating a percentage of sales from those desserts to Mass Farmers Markets. Mass Farmers Markets is the only statewide, non-profit organization that works to sustain and strengthen our farmers markets. To date, the festival has raised $60,000.

“This year, most of the restaurants are giving 50 percent of the sales from the special strawberry item to Mass Farmers Markets in support of our mission to sustain local farms and foster healthy individuals and communities across the state of Massachusetts,” said Jeff Cole, Executive Director of Mass Farmers Markets. 

Participating restaurants include SofraOleanaHarvest, and The Beehive, who just so happens to be donating 100 percent of their sales to the cause. Desserts range from traditional strawberry shortcake to more innovative dishes like Strawberry Goat Cheesecake with Strawberry Coulis and Strawberry Sorbet, made by Bistro 5

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