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Holy Mole! from Night Shift Brewing Co. Print
Local Libations - Local Libations
Written by Michelle Lahey   

Some people love the combination of chocolate with wine. Others love to pair their chocolate with a spicy, peppery beer. 


Night Shift Brewing Co.’s taproom regulars had been requesting a mix of their Viva Habanero and Taza Stout for quite a while - and the brewers finally gave in. A few weeks ago, they released Holy Mole!, a blend of these two popular brews. As a bonus, the blend was aged in Bourbon barrels, which were provided by Liquor World in Cambridge (the only store – besides the brewery – that got a few bottles to sell).

The bitter chocolate and cocoa blended with the smoky, spicy habanero is one successful fusion. The hint of bourbon in each sip just makes you want to cozy up to a fireplace and do nothing but sip on this 8.5% ABV beer. The heat from the peppers is slightly mellowed out from the smooth chocolate, fulfilling any spicy-and-sweet cravings you may have – while preventing the flavor from being too fiery.

I enjoyed each and every sip of this limited release brew on its own, but it is just light enough to play well with food. The slight richness from the stout also makes it decadent enough to have as an after dinner libation.

Harvest Grain Salad Print
Right Food for the Season - Early Fall
Written by R. Patrick Kent   

A few weeks ago, LIS was out at the Roslindale Farmers' Market for another great day of fun and food. After the success of our Tomato Day Recipe Contest [see the winning recipe here]in August, we decided to sponsor another such contest in keeping with the day's theme; Apple. The submissions had to use apple and another one or two ingredients available at the market that day. We got several great entries that really captured the flavors of fall. However, one stood out. It works as both a autumn side dish or a hearty main course. So, without further ado, the winner is...envelope, please...

Waiting Out Winter with Citrus Print
Right Food for the Season - Late Winter
Written by Jane Ward   
While citrus fruit is not local to chilly climes like New England’s, these fruits are at the height of their growing and eating season in warmer parts of the US. Adding in season citrus to a winter meal is a surefire way to perk up flagging palates and send the reminder that warmer days are right around the corner.

By mid-February, I like to serve supremed (cleanly segmented) red or pink grapefruit in a light and simple citrus butter alongside my favorite local seafoods. This accompaniment works particularly well with seared swordfish, sea scallops, or salmon.
Spin on a Classic: Twice Baked Delicata Squash Print
Right Food for the Season - Late Fall
Written by Lauren Klatsky   
Delicata squash is my “go-to” winter vegetable when I’m in a hurry.  It cooks a lot quicker than other varieties of the Cucurbita (aka. gourd) family and can even be prepared in the microwave in a pinch.  Another bonus is that I don’t have to pull out my extra large Chef’s knife to cut through its relatively narrow body and thin, edible skin.   Delicata’s moist interior is easy to mash by hand with a fork so you don’t have to dirty an electrical appliance to achieve a silky texture. 
Asparagus Pesto Print
Right Food for the Season - Late Spring
Written by Michelle Collins   
Dinners in my house growing up were always eaten around the table, and made in batches large enough to feed a small crowd. My mother always made sure we had a hot meal to eat together as a family on a nightly basis. Due to our financial limitations, dinners were also kept simple, and the variety of foods we consumed was slim. My siblings and I used to love picking the ripe tomatoes for dinner out of our small, slightly pathetic backyard vegetable garden, and the wild blueberries that grew in random patches were always plucked with pleasure. But we really never had a lot of different foods – just affordable, approachable, “safe” options.
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